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DreamHost Coupon Code (2021): How To Save On Hosting and Domains

DreamHost is not only one of the best-known hosting providers today, but they’re also one of the oldest still available online. It’s also one of only three hosting providers recommended by WordPress. But apart from website hosting, the company also offers several services. These include domain registration, email hosting, and website building.

If you’re looking to save money on any of DreamHost’s hosting and domain services, you’ll find the company offers direct promos as well as discounts on annual pricing. Moreover, third-party websites share coupon codes you can use to avail of savings. In this review, we give you a comprehensive look at how you can save on hosting and domain registration on DreamHost.

DreamHost Services Comparison Chart

Key ServicesWordPress Hosting
Other ServicesWebsites
Pro Services
WordPress HostingWordPress Basic, DreamPress, VPS for WordPress, WooCommerce
HostingShared, DreamPress, VPS
DomainTop-Level Domains
WebsitesWebsite Builder, Custom Web Design
Email ServicesEmail Hosting, G-Suite
Pro ServicesWeb design, web marketing, site management, web development,
PromosDreamHost promos, yearly discounts, and coupon codes from third-party websites

DreamHost Coupon Codes

Several third-party websites offer coupon codes on DreamHost plans and features

DreamHost offers a range of services on sale

Just like with any product or service, coupons are one of the easiest ways to get discounts on DreamHost. Several third-party websites compile discount tickets together. A quick look at these online coupon codes shows savings on hosting plans and domain registration. The rebates or discounts typically apply after checkout.

Now while most of these deals follow the same discounts you’d also get from DreamHost, a few would include savings on DreamHost features. RetailMeNot, for instance, includes promo codes for extra disk space. The website WPBeginner, on the other hand, offers discounts for web hosting and domain bundles.

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Keep in mind that some of these special offers are for a limited time only. Make sure you refresh a website’s page so you always get the most current coupon codes.

DreamHost Promos

DreamHost offers discounts and promos for long-term contracts.

Here’s a look at DreamHost’s promo page

If you don’t want to scour the net for coupon codes, you can go directly to DreamHost instead. The company has a dedicated page where you can check out the latest promos available. Currently, DreamHost’s promo is limited to its Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited Plans. Also, the discounted rates given are available only for three-year plans.

For instance, the Shared Starter is regularly priced at $6.99/mo if you’re on a monthly payment term. With the promo, the monthly fee is reduced to just $2.59/mo for a total of $93.46 for 36-months paid upfront. Meanwhile, the Shared Unlimited plan comes in at just $3.95/mo or a total of $142.20 for a three-year contract. This is a 67% discount on the total fees you pay if you go monthly.

Again, these promos are for a limited time only. Keep checking the DreamHost Promos page for updates on their latest deals.

DreamHost Hosting Discounts

New accounts can avail of DreamHost introductory offers and opt for discounted rates for annual and three-year billing cycles

Shared hosting plans are the most basic you can get from DreamHost

Like with most providers, you can save money on web hosting if you opt for long-term billing cycles. New account registrations can also take advantage of promotional offers before paying the regular rate upon renewal. The biggest difference with DreamHost, however, is that they offer monthly payment terms aside from annual or three-year plans. Other companies like Bluehost, for instance, usually limit hosting payment terms to at least a 12-month contract.

Now in terms of discounts, a one-year Shared Unlimited plan offers the highest savings of up to 67%. With DreamPress plans, on the other hand, you can save 17% if you opt for a one-year Plus subscription. The pricing of WordPress hosting and standard hosting services are largely the same, except three-year plans for VPS are only for VPS WordPress plans. DreamPress plans are not eligible for three-year payment terms.

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Below, we’ve prepared a table to help you see how much you’ll be spending on DreamHost hosting plans. The rates below include the current introductory and other promotional offers versus regular rates upon renewal. Introductory offers last for three-months.

DreamHost Hosting Plans Pricing

WordPress Basic / SharedDreamPressVPS WordPress / VPS
MonthlyStarter: $4.95/mo vs $6.99/mo at renewal

Unlimited: $8.95/mo vs $11.99/mo
DreamPress: $12/mo vs $19.95/mo at renewal

Plus: $24/mo vs $29.95/mo

Pro: $79.95/mo
Basic: $15/mo
Business: $30/mo
Professional: $60/mo
Enterprise: $120/mo
12 Month TotalStarter account: $77.76 vs $83.88 regular rate

Unlimited account: $134.76 vs $143.88
DreamPress: $215.55 vs $239.4 regular rate

Plus: $341.55 vs $359.40

Pro: $959.40
Basic: $180
Business: $360
Professional: $720
Enterprise: $1,400
One-Year PlanStarter: $3.95/mo vs $6.99/mo at renewal

Unlimited: $3.95/mo vs $9.95/mo
DreamPress: $16.95/mo

Plus: $24.95/mo

Pro: $71.95/mo
Basic: $13.75/mo
Business: $27.50/mo
Professional: $55/mo
Enterprise: $110/mo
12 Month
Starter: $47.4 vs $83.88 regular rate

Unlimited: $47.4 vs $143.88 (Save 67%)
DreamPress: $203.40 vs $239.40 regular rate

Plus: $299.40 vs $359.40 (Save 17%)

Pro: $863.40 vs $959.40
Basic: $165
Business: $330
Professional: $660
Enterprise: $1,320
Three-Year PlanStarter: $2.59/mo vs $6.99 at renewal

Unlimited: $3.95/mo vs $7.95
n/aBasic: $10/mo
Business: $20/mo
Professional: $40/mo
Enterprise: $80/mo
Three Year TotalStarter: $93.24 vs $251.64 regular rate

Unlimited: $142.20 vs $286.20
n/aBasic: $120
Business: $240
Professional: $480
Enterprise: $960

DreamHost for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations can get a DreamHost shared hosting plan for free or enjoy a 35% discount on all DreamPress plans.

Nonprofits can get discounts on managed WordPress hosting

Managing a website doesn’t always come cheap. This is especially true if you are running a nonprofit organization’s online presence. In this case, every penny counts. Thankfully, DreamHost is one of the few providers left which offers a completely free hosting plan for nonprofits. It’s basically a shared hosting plan that includes domain, backup, SSL certificate, and even email hosting.

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Nonprofits can also avail of discounted rates for a managed WordPress hosting plan. This is 35% off on the standard rates across all three DreamPress plans and is good for the life of the plan. Keep in mind, however, this is only open to US-based 501(c)(3) organizations. You can learn more about this in our review of DreamHost nonprofit pricing and discounts.

DreamHost Domain Pricing

Just like with hosting, users can get introductory rates on their first-year of domain registration with DreamHost.

Check out if your preferred domain is available

Aside from hosting, you can also just purchase a domain with DreamHost. Similar to the hosting plans, however, select extensions also get introductory rates for the first year of registration. There is no need for a coupon code to avail of the discounts. For instance, a .com domain can cost as low as $6.99 for the first year, with an annual renewal rate of $15.99. A .org extension, on the other hand, can be purchased for just $11.99 for the first year, with a renewal rate of $15.99 in the succeeding years.

DreamHost currently offers hundreds of top-level, generic, and country-specific domains. If you already have a domain, you can just opt to transfer it to DreamHost. Transfer fees are typically in the same range as renewal rates although some extensions may offer discounts as well. You can check out DreamHost’s domain pricing here.


DreamHost offers a range of promos, discounts, and introductory offers across its hosting and domain services.

Websites are an asset to any organization. But managing one doesn’t always come cheap. Thankfully, hosting providers like DreamHost offers a range of discounts across hosting and domain plans. For most individuals and smaller organizations, a shared hosting plan will do. But if you have the resources and plan to scale, then VPS is a better choice to handle higher web traffic.

The great thing is that DreamHost allows monthly payments, so you don’t have to commit to anything. This is ideal if you want to test out the features and the service first. If you’re happy, then we suggest going for a three-year plan. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but you also don’t have to worry or think about monthly payments.

Is your organization a nonprofit? DreamHost is probably the best hosting provider for you. The company offers a free-forever shared hosting plan, which should be good enough for smaller, charitable organizations. Otherwise, you can take a look into their discounted managed WordPress hosting plans.


📌 Is there a difference between DreamHost’s WordPress hosting and standard hosting pricing?

Although DreamHost offers both WordPress hosting and standard hosting services, the pricing for both is the same. Regardless of the plan you get, you also enjoy standard features, including DreamHost’s custom panel and one-click WordPress installation. You can read more about what you get from the platform in our DreamHost reviews.

📌 How many months are covered by DreamHost’s introductory offer for new account registrations?

DreamHost’s introductory rates are good for three (3) months for new account registrations, after which the regular rates will be applied.

📌 Does DreamHost have sales for their domains?

Yes, DreamHost would regularly put select extensions for sale.

📌 Does DreamHost offer a free trial for its hosting plans?

DreamHost doesn’t come with a free trial but does offer a money-back guarantee period. For shared hosting plans, the time period is 97 days. Meanwhile, DreamPress plans offer a 30-day money-back period. Cancel within these time frames and you can get a full refund.

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