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Kinsta Alternatives (2021): Best Managed WordPress Hosting Options

Kinsta is well regarded as one of the top options for managed WordPress hosting. They combine optimized infrastructure with excellent customer support to ensure sites always load fast and remain online all the time. However, their premium service comes at a literal price, since Kinsta’s plans aren’t cheap at all and there are limitations in configuring your server setup. We list our best Kinsta alternatives below if you’re after similar level quality, lower costs or different feature sets. Check out how Cloudways, WPX Hosting, Flywheel, Pressidium and Liquid Web compare with Kinsta.

Kinsta Alternatives Comparison Chart

NameCloudwaysWPX HostingFlywheelPressidiumLiquid Web
 Cloudways logoWPX Hosting logoFlywheel logoPressidium logoLiquid Web logo
PricingCheck Pricing at Cloudways.comCheck Pricing at WPX.netCheck Pricing at GetFlywheel.comCheck Pricing at Pressidium.comCheck Pricing at LiquidWeb.com
Starts at$10/mo$20.83/mo$15/mo$21/mo$19/mo
Base Plan Websitesn/a5111
Base Plan Visitsn/an/a5,00010,000n/a
Base Plan Storage25 GB10 GB5 GB5 GB15 GB
Base Plan Bandwidth1 TB100 GB20 GBUnlimited2 TB
Content Delivery NetworkYesYesYes+$10/moYes
Free SSL CertificatesYesYesYesYesYes
Staging AreaYesYesYesYesYes
Free Site BackupYesYesYesYesYes
Free EmailNoYesNoNoYes
Free Site MigrationYesYesYesYesYes
Customer Support24/7 live chat, ticket24/7 live chat, ticket24/7 live chat24/7 email, ticket24/7 live chat, email, phone
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days30 days60 days30 days


Managed cloud hosting platform

Cloudways is an interesting Kinsta alternative because they don’t build the hosting infrastructure themselves. Instead, their cloud hosting plans let you choose between DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud, giving you flexibility in finding the best cloud VPS and resources for your project. Cloudways will take care of the setup and manage everything afterwards.

One of the best reasons to choose Cloudways is how much you can save while receiving comparable performance to Kinsta. Cloudways doesn’t have visit limits so you’re free to grow your site without extra charges. This also lets you set up as many low-traffic sites as you want even on the cheapest DigitalOcean plan. However, Cloudways isn’t as straightforward as most web hosts, so navigating their interface and customizing settings is a challenge for non-developers.

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Top Cloudways features and benefits:

  • Choose between 5 cloud providers
  • Launch 10+ apps/websites on a single server with 1-click
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and live chat support
  • Free SSL certificates and migration
  • CDN add-on, SSH and SFTP access
  • No lock-in: choose hourly or monthly plans, no long contracts
  • Pay as you go: get billed only for the resources you use

WPX Hosting

World’s fastest managed WordPress hosting

WPX Hosting provides a more affordable set of managed WordPress hosting plans than Kinsta, especially for those who want to put up multiple sites. Affiliate marketers, bloggers and more can take advantage of WPX’s attractive plans, since even the lowest one allows up to 5 websites at a lower cost than Kinsta’s. Note however that WPX counts staging sites and subdomains among this limit.

Unlike Kinsta, WPX Hosting only charges overage based on your sites’ total storage and bandwidth consumption, not monthly visits. They also include email hosting in every plan, something that you need to obtain separately if you host at Kinsta. WPX has built their own custom cloud CDN to provide customers with fast page loading speeds along with high-spec underloaded SSD servers. Plus, WPX aims for a 30-second live chat response time to quickly assist customers.

Top WPX Hosting features and benefits:

  • 5 website limit on lowest plan
  • Custom high-speed CDN with 26 global locations
  • Unlimited free SSL certificates
  • DDoS protection, malware scans and removal
  • Email and automatic backups
  • 1-click staging and WordPress installations


Delightful managed WordPress hosting for busy creatives

Flywheel offers similar managed hosting services to Kinsta but at much lower prices. Their Tiny plan starts at only $15 per month, which can be perfect for low traffic sites. Subsequent tiers compare favorably against Kinsta too, such as Flywheel’s Freelance plan that lets you host up to 10 sites with a 100,000 monthly visit limit. For the same price, Kinsta only allows up to 5, and you’ll need to pay double to get up to 10 sites too.

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Freelance developers and agencies will appreciate how much easier it is to use Flywheel’s tools when building websites for their clients. Flywheel lets you transfer billing to clients and provides local development integrations, making it a good hosting choice for devs. Like Kinsta, Flywheel has server-level caching, automated daily backups, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and even their own custom dashboard.

Top Flywheel features and benefits:

  • Server optimizations including server-level caching
  • Hack-fix guarantee along with proactive security measures
  • Free Genesis framework and StudioPress themes
  • Free CDN and simple SSL certificates
  • Local development environment plus staging sites
  • Free demo sites and migration


Enterprise WordPress hosting for demanding business professionals

Pressidium stands out as a Kinsta alternative for having a high-availability infrastructure that ensures constant uptime for your websites. Unlike most WordPress hosting providers, Pressidium hosts multiple identical copies or nodes of websites so that it can redirect traffic to another node in case one goes down. This further allows load balancing and horizontal scaling to deal with traffic spikes. All of Pressidium’s plans include this feature while Kinsta only runs a single container for each site.

Like Kinsta, Pressidium also provides their own custom-built hosting dashboard equipped with useful tools. Unlike Kinsta however, Pressidium doesn’t charge overage fees if your site goes over the plan’s monthly visits limit and you also get unlimited bandwidth. Still, going over your limits consistently will likely result in Pressidium asking your to upgrade your current plan to the next tier. Note that Pressidium isn’t a cheaper option than Kinsta, since you can basically get double the resources for the same price at Kinsta.

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Top Pressidium features and benefits:

  • High-availability infrastructure for virtually zero downtime
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no overage fees for monthly visits
  • Fully scalable architecture and load balanced server clusters
  • Automated backups and free migrations
  • Enterprise SSL management
  • Staging environments

Liquid Web

Fully managed cloud and web hosting

Liquid Web offers numerous cloud hosting options for those who want more flexibility. They have dedicated servers, server clusters, VPS and private cloud servers to cater to WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and more. If your project requires customized solutions that Kinsta might not be able to provide, Liquid Web will likely be able to offer a tailored plan, whether its high availability, managed file replication, VMware cloud environments, etc.

You’ll be able to select which server and location to host your sites or applications in, and Liquid Web provides full specs for transparency. For managed WordPress hosting, Liquid Web’s Nexcess delivers its high-performance cloud platform. There are no page view or traffic limits, so no overage fees either. You also get unlimited email accounts in every plan, something that Kinsta prefers that you get separately from their specialized hosting plans.

Top Liquid Web benefits and features:

  • Numerous hosting solutions available
  • Free site migrations and fully managed plugins
  • No traffic limits or overage charges
  • Automatic SSL and daily backups
  • Access to developer tools


Cloudways offer more affordable plans while WPX Hosting provides better value.


Most affordable

Cloudways logo

WPX Hosting

Best value

WPX Hosting logo

There are very solid Kinsta alternatives if you’re looking for different options for your managed WordPress hosting needs. Cloudways provides flexible hosting options on your choice of cloud hosting providers, with affordable plans and flexible features. They offer real-time monitoring like Kinsta while only billing for resources you consume. WPX Hosting gives amazing value especially on their entry-level plans, since you can host multiple sites and apps. Customer support are also both topnotch on either recommended hosting provider.


📌 What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a company that provides platform-as-a-service, allowing customers to manage applications on cloud-hosted servers via their console. As such, it’s unlike most other web hosting providers in that they do not have their own infrastructure and managing hosted websites requires more expert knowledge.

📌 Is WPX hosting good?

WPX Hosting provides affordable solutions for managed WordPress hosting. Their plans offer good value due to their lower prices and stellar performance.

📌 Is Flywheel worth it?

Flywheel offers almost budget pricing for its managed hosting services, which all the more impressive due to their overall quality compared to other budget hosting options.

📌 Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

Managed WordPress hosting is worth its costly price if you’re able to take advantage of the concierge service that takes care of all technical aspects server-side. If you lack expertise or time to perform site security, WordPress updates, site monitoring, etc., then having your hosting provider handle these details will be worth it.

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