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SEMrush vs Raven Tools (2021): Which SEO & Marketing Tool Is Better For You?

SEMrush is an easily-recognizable name in the realm of SEO and keyword analysis tools while Raven Tools, which is more under the radar, is slowly carving out its slice of the market through its affordable monthly plans. Compared with the more expensive SEMrush Pro, Raven Tools lets you start tracking your campaign’s performance and thousands of keywords at only $49/month. Having said that, choosing your SEO toolkit requires more than just looking at the price. Accuracy, reliability, available features, and ease of use are some of the things you ultimately need to consider. Find out below how SEMrush and Raven Tools stack up against each other so you can choose which platform fits you better.

SEMrush vs Raven Tools SEO Platform Comparison Chart

NameSEMrush ProRaven Tools
SEMrush proRaven Tools
PriceCheck Price at SEMrush.comCheck Price at RavenTools.com 
CampaignsPro: 5
Guru: 15
Business: 25
Start: 20
Grow: 80
Thrive: 160
Keyword Tracking/MonthPro: 500
Guru: 1,500
Business: 5,000
Start: 15,000
Grow: 20,000
Thrive: 25,000
Pages Crawled per MonthPro: 100,000
Guru: 300,000
Business: 1,000,000
Start: 400k
Grow: 2 million
Thrive: 5 million
Keyword Queries per MonthPro: 250
Guru: 1,000
Business: 5,000
Start: Unlimited
Grow: Unlimited
Thrive: Unlimited
PDF ReportsPro: 5
Guru: 20
Business: 50
White Label PDF ReportsPro: No
Guru: No
Business: Yes
Start: Subdomain + email + report
Grow: Full White Label
Thrive: Full White Label
Number of UsersPro: 1 (+$70/mo for an additional user)
Guru: 1 (add up to 2 more users at +$140/mo for every additional user)
Business: 1 (add up to 9 more users at +$140/mo for every additional user)
Start: 4
Grow: 8
Thrive: 20
Mobile RankingsYesYes
Social Media TrackingYesYes
Advertising ResearchYesNo
Local SEO FocusNoYes
Mobile AppAndroid, iOSNo


Raven Tools offers more affordable monthly pricing plans than SEMrush 

semrush vs raven tools (7)
SEMrush’s three core pricing plans

SEMrush has established its authority when it comes to SEO and digital marketing tools, and its monthly pricing plans reflect that. Its lowest-tier SEMrush Pro costs $99.95/month. The SEMrush Pro is very limited if you compare it to Raven Tools’ similarly-priced monthly plan, the Start plan. Raven Tools lets you set up to 20 domains and 4 user accounts while SEMrush only lets you create one user account and five campaigns. If you need to create another user account on the SEMrush Pro, you’ll need to pay $70/month on top of the base monthly SEMrush Pro fees.

raven tools pricing
Raven Tools offers up to 30% off if you sign up for an annual plan

SEMrush’s tools and features make it a worthy investment, especially if you handle digital marketing campaigns for clients. However, freelancers who need to watch their budget find Raven Tools’ Small Biz monthly plan an attractive choice. At only $49/month, you can set-up two campaigns and two user accounts. Raven Tools further gives up to a 30% discount if you sign up for one year, lowering the monthly cost even more. For instance, its entry-level Small Biz plan will only cost $39/month.

Keyword Research Tools

Raven Tools allows you to track more keywords and create more campaigns than SEMrush, but SEMrush offers more reliable and in-depth keyword research tools

semrush vs raven tools Keyword Tracking and Ranking
SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool makes it easier to plan content for your niche

The starter plans of SEMrush and Raven Tools let you track up to 500 and 15,000 keywords, respectively, for your campaigns. Both SEO tools provide reliable data on your target keywords such as search volume, cost per click (CPC), and competition. SEMrush kicks it up a notch by displaying keyword search trends, keyword difficulty, and SERP results, giving you more insight on your target keywords. However, SEMrush’s keyword difficulty data is not always accurate and this is something that the company is trying to improve on.

SEMrush and Raven Tools further offer keyword ranking features to show which keywords are ranking well for your pages or your competitors’. Among the top useful tools for marketers that they offer are the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool and the Raven Tools Keyword Suggestions tool. These tools help you find relevant keywords for developing your content strategies without having to rack your brain for topics.

Competitive Analysis

SEMrush provides more extensive competitor analysis metrics while Raven Tools pools competitors’ metric data from Moz and Majestic

Raven Tools Competitor ranking
Raven Tools displays SEO data from Moz and Majestic 

Both SEMrush and Raven Tools provide competitors’ metrics to help you assess your competition’s top keywords, pages, backlinks, and similar metrics. To better identify link building opportunities or monitor link building campaigns, SEMrush has a Backlink Gap analysis tool while Raven Tools’ similar feature is called Backlink Explorer. SEMrush makes it easier as it displays more competitor domains and their data at once, and you can compare up to 5 domains next to each other.

Meanwhile, Raven Tools uses data from Moz and Majestic, which means you get more reference points for your data. Both SEMrush and Raven Tools show the competition domains’ traffic volume, authority score/domain authority, citation flow, and backlinks so you can better spy on your competitor.

SEMrush Advertising Research

If you or your agency manages ads for your clients, you’ll benefit from the data that SEMrush’s Advertising Research tool can provide. This tool gives you a glimpse of your competitors’ estimated ad spend and strategies to help you plan your ad budget allocation and specific keywords you should bid on or avoid. SEMrush’s Advertising Research tool further lets you check your competition’s ad copy, see a collection of calls to action, and get an idea of how long certain ads have been running. Raven Tools has yet to include paid ad data in its features.

SEMrush also features the Domain vs Domain tool which shows side by side how different keywords rank for your chosen competitor domain. This SEMrush tool makes it easier to see how your site or page ranking stacks up against your competitor’s paid or organic search results.

Site Audits and Optimization

Raven Tools lets you crawl remarkably more pages than SEMrush, but SEMrush offers more advanced audit features 

Raven Tools crawler
Here’s a look at Raven Tools’ site audit report

Ensuring every nook and cranny of your or your clients’ website is SEO-optimized requires taking care of any issues that may be affecting your ranking, thus regular site audits are crucial. Site audit tools show you right away any issues and errors on the website that need to be addressed so search engines can crawl and index your pages smoothly. Both SEMrush and Raven Tools let you schedule site audits and send reports automatically to your inbox. Both further allow customization on your reports so you only see what you need.

Raven Tools’s starter plan lets you crawl up to 400,000 pages a month while SEMrush Pro’s cap is only at 100,000 crawled pages per month. This is another plus point for Raven Tools if you or your agency handles larger websites that regular audits may just exceed the number of pages that SEMrush Pro can crawl. However, in terms of site audit and on-page optimization features, the SEMrush Pro has the edge over Raven Tools.

SEMrush crawler
SEMrush site audit tools are among the best out there

SEMrush offers exclusive site audit tools such as mobile SEO and international SEO that larger agencies may need. Its data is also more comprehensive, in-depth, and its tools allow more customization. It can further be integrated with Trello and Google Analytics should your company use these tools as well.

Reporting and Ease of Use

Raven Tools’ strength lies in its beautiful, comprehensive reports for clients

Raven Tools marketing report
Raven Tools’s drag and drop report generator lets you handpick the data you want in your report

Where Raven Tools outshines SEMrush is in its visually appealing reports that you can generate as many times as you want each month. All of Raven Tools’ monthly plans offer unlimited scheduled reports while SEMrush Pro only allows up to 5 PDf reports a month. Upgrading to the Guru plan will let you generate up to 20 PDF reports a month, but it’s still a far cry from Raven Tools’ unlimited reports. This saves you and your company hours of labor on aggregating the data for you or your client.

Both SEMrush and Raven Tools let you customize your reports to display the key metrics you need, but Raven Tools’ clean, well-laid-out visual representation and customization options are hard to beat.


SEMrush provides more extensive SEO and digital marketing tools than Raven Tools 

Try SEMrush for Free

Overall best SEO and digital marketing tool

SEMrush logo

Try Raven Tools for Free

Best for new freelancers/SEO consultants and smaller businesses 

Moz logo

SEMrush’s comprehensive set of SEO tools and features can provide you with data you won’t be able to get from Raven Tools or many other SEO tools. Growing agencies and larger businesses can use the data from SEMrush as benchmarks or springboards for campaigns. Its Paid Advertising tool, something Raven Tool doesn’t offer, is also especially helpful for spying on your competition’s strategies. SEMrush offers a free 7-day trial to see if its features and interface suit your needs.

While Raven Tools is not as powerful as SEMrush, it still offers the essential SEO tools that most businesses need. Its keyword research tools, competitor domain research, site auditor, link spy, and social media tools can deliver sufficient data to better understand your website (and your competitors’) and find any underlying issues. In addition, Raven Tools’ unlimited report generation feature, something SEMrush doesn’t offer, saves your company a lot of time, so you can focus on other marketing efforts. Just like SEMrush, Raven Tools also lets you try its platform for 7 days completely free.

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