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Shopify Jewelry Stores (2023): Successful Brands And Powerful Themes You Can Use

If you’re dreaming about opening up your very own online jewelry store, it’s definitely a possibility with Shopify. If you don’t know what they are, they’re a beginner-friendly website builder that will have you selling your bling in no time. Aside from being easy to use, they also have a wide range of apps you can download to customize your shop, plus they provide you with powerful e-commerce tools that will help you grow your business.

Before all the glitz and the glamor can become a reality, however, there are a few things you need to do first. Like taking a look at the competition and drawing inspiration from their success stories and choosing the theme that would best showcase your jewelry. To help you out, here’s a look at some of the most successful Shopify jewelry stores out there as well as a few of the most appropriate Shopify themes you can use. To boot, we’ve also included some tips on how you can create a successful Shopify jewelry store.

Successful Shopify Jewelry Stores

These successful Shopify jewelry stores made full use of Shopify’s powerful tools and features. 

By Charlotte’s website has a live chat feature as well as an Instagram section.

By Charlotte draws in customers with their beautiful bohemian-inspired jewelry accented by crystals and semi-precious stones. However, their website has a lot to do with their success as well. It has a very simple and clean design to it, doing away with anything that’s too distracting. This puts all of the focus on the jewelry themselves and it also makes it easy for customers to navigate their way around. Another element that helps boost their sales is their website’s live chat feature, helping convert inquirers into buyers. They also have a ‘Shop Our Instagram’ section, featuring posts on their IG page. Clicking on an image will instantly reveal details about the product.


On Ana Luisa’s website, you’ll see right away that they offer free shipping and returns.

Ana Luisa is a popular French brand that’s all about sustainability, using only recycled gold and ethically-sourced diamonds. It’s not just their advocacy that customers like, however. Their website is just as appealing, boasting of a fresh and minimalist design. They’re also wise to display sale announcements (eg: Black Friday) on their front page, giving customers something to look forward to. They even have a countdown timer to really build up the excitement. They also make sure that customers know they offer free shipping and returns to the US, giving them even more reason to make a purchase a two.

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The Vrai website uses the lazy loading technique, allowing for faster loading times.

Vrai sells a wide range of fine jewelry, including everyday basics as well as engagement and wedding rings. They’re able to effectively showcase their products by using beautiful, professionally-taken photos, offering clients a crystal clear view of every single necklace, bracelet, and ring. Despite the number of high-quality images on their site, you’ll be surprised at how fast their pages load. This is a big reason why their customers stay on the site and continue browsing. If you’re wondering how they’re able to do this, the secret is in the lazy loading technique which means the images don’t actually load until you scroll down to them.


Ring to Perfection complements its online store with a jewelry-centered blog. 

Ring to Perfection sells all kinds of high-quality jewelry at budget-friendly prices. It’s not just the affordability that customers are attracted to though. The company has made the smart decision of creating their own blog that features jewelry-related content as a complement to their online store, giving people more reason to keep visiting. By using keywords, they’re also able to take advantage of SEO and drive traffic to both of their sites. Another great feature you can find on their online store is the drop-down currency menu, allowing customers to choose the currency that’s applicable to them. This is a great idea because it lets them sell their products worldwide.

Shopify Jewelry Store Themes

Shopify has a diverse range of jewelry store themes for you to choose from. 


Expression is perfect if you have many products to promote. 

Expression is a great option for you if you’re dealing with a lot of products and you want to be able to promote them well. With this theme, you can have a slideshow of your jewelry or a video of your company’s story right on your homepage. You can also present your products in a grid-style layout so that you can feature multiple items at a time. You can even have a product image rollover function so that different images of a certain product will pop up when your customers hover over it. To help your customers navigate their way around your site, this theme also incorporates a multi-level menu.


Atlantic has a quick buy function which allows customers to easily put items in their cart. 

Atlantic is a great choice if your main focus is increasing your conversions and growing your business while looking good at the same time. It has a quick buy function, allowing your customers to add items to their cart without having to leave the page they’re on. This theme is also able to house large catalogs, making it ideal for online stores with multiple products to sell. So that it’s easier for your customers to find their way around, it has a multi-column dropdown menu where you can feature the different jewelry categories you offer. As for its layout, it has a modular-style homepage that gives off a modern and sophisticated feel.

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Envy will give your online store a clean and modern look.

Envy will give you that clean, modern look that everyone wants for their jewelry store. It’s very functional too, allowing you to present and promote your products well. This theme has a marketing pop-up that lets you share promotional messages with your customers. You can also have a promotional banner right on your homepage so that your customers are immediately made aware of your upcoming sales, discounts, and other offers. Another great feature you can enable is the product image zoom if you want your customers to get a much closer look at your jewelry whenever they hover over a product.


Expression is perfect if you have many products to promote. 

Editions is another simple theme that will give you plenty of space to highlight your products. Despite its minimal look, however, it comes with plenty of features. It has infinite scrolling, letting your customers browse endlessly through your products as they continue loading on the same page. It also has product filtering so that your customers can look at your products by categories, whether it be bestsellers, price, or type. You can also put a promotional banner or a slideshow on your homepage so that you can let your customers know of your latest and upcoming offers and stir up some excitement.

Tips On Creating A Successful Shopify Jewelry Store

Here’s how you can fully maximize Shopify’s tools and features. 


Shopify makes it easy for you to make your online jewelry store a success.

One of the most effective ways to build a successful Shopify jewelry store is by sparking a sense of urgency in your customers. One way you can do this is by incorporating a real-time purchase feature on your website. This means that while your customers are browsing through your products, they’ll be able to see notifications of other customers making purchases. This will give them an idea of just how fast your products are going and will gently encourage them to buy the items they’re eyeing before stocks run out. Shopify makes it easy to have this feature on your website. All you have to do is install apps like Yo, Notify, or Recent Sales Notification and you’re all set.

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If your stocks do run out of certain products, it’s important that you never leave your virtual shelves completely empty. Give your customers a way to leave their contact details with you so that you can immediately notify them once an item is back in stock. This way, you’re able to make future sales instead of just letting the opportunities pass. While there are Shopify themes out there that already include this feature, some don’t. You don’t have to worry though because you can always make use of Shopify apps such as Back in Stock and Now Back in Stock.

Another way to establish a successful Shopify jewelry store is by making your customers see that you can be trusted. The best way to establish a sense of trust is by featuring positive customer feedback and testimonials. This is because most customers read reviews before they make a purchase and they tend to trust fellow customers’ opinions more versus the company’s product descriptions. So when you’re building your online jewelry store, don’t forget to create a section for testimonials and put customer reviews on every product page. You can use Shopify’s Product Reviews app to add review forms and review score badges to your site.


Take full advantage of Shopify’s features to make your jewelry store a successful one. 

With Shopify, you should have everything you need to make your online jewelry store a successful one, as seen from the stories of various jewelry brands. Shopify has countless jewelry store themes for you to choose from, each one with features that can help you showcase your items, promote them, engage customers, and notify them of your upcoming activities. Shopify has plenty of apps for you to use as well, allowing you to make customizations that would be beneficial to your online store. It’s all about defining the goals that you want for your jewelry business, exploring the different ways that Shopify can help you achieve them, and taking full advantage of these tools and features.


📌 Can I sell jewelry on Shopify?

Absolutely. You can check out our list of successful Shopify jewelry stores above for inspiration.

📌 Is a Shopify store worth it?

If you’re selling your own products or doing dropshipping, yes, Shopify and its robust e-commerce tools is worth it.

📌 What Shopify themes are great for a jewelry store?

Atlantic, Envy, Editions, and Expression are excellent Shopify themes for jewelry stores.

📌 What are some tips on creating a successful Shopify jewelry store?

If you’re dropshipping, make sure your supplier is trustworthy and ships items fast. If you’re selling your own products, make sure the jewelry is of high quality and have your customers leave positive reviews on your store.

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