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Squarespace Alternatives (2022): Which Website Builder Is Right For You?

Squarespace is one of the most popular and reliable website builders today. The platform boasts of professionally-designed templates and an impressive suite of built-in e-commerce features. In addition, it comes with 24/7 customer support and a growing community of users.

But is it the right website builder for you? Like many out-of-the-box solutions, it’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation. Squarespace’s design-savvy templates aren’t the easiest to build, while the few third-party integrations it comes with pale in comparison to what other platforms offer.

With this in mind, we’ve narrowed down the top four Squarespace alternatives — Wix, Shopify, Weebly, and WordPress — you should look into. Each platform comes with a standout feature that makes them worth considering if you find Squarespace a little too cumbersome, too expensive, or too limited.

Squarespace Alternatives Comparison Chart

 wix logoshopify logoweebly logowordpress logo
TypeWebsite builderSubscription-based e-commerce platformWebsite builderOpen-source content management system
Pricing and PlansFree plan available

Check website and business plans
Basic Shopify: $29/month

Check other plans
Free plan available

Check website and online store plans
Free to use

Check WP Engine for WordPress hosting
Standout FeatureUser-friendly drag and drop functionalityPowerful e-commerce tools and extensionsEasy-to-use website editor with expansive app centerExtensive customizations and third-party integrations
Templates800+ templates100 free and paid-for templates50+ templatesThousands of themes from WordPress theme directory and third-party vendors
SSL CertificateYesYesYesFree via plug-ins
E-Commerce FeaturesBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-inVia WooCommerce
Customer Support24/7 callback service, help center, resource center24/7 phone and live chat supportEmail, phone, and live chat supportOnline community and support resources

Wix for Easy Customizations

Wix’s website editor is easy to use and allows for plenty of modifications.

Wix allows users to customize almost every imaginable element of your site’s page configuration

While Squarespace allows you to create a website without writing a single line of code, its editor’s section-based approach adds to the learning curve. For most users, this can mean spending a lot of time figuring out how to customize your page or add content to your site. Wix, on the other hand, comes with a more dynamic drag-and-drop interface that allows users to truly take ownership of their sites.

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Wix also has plenty of templates to choose from — over 800 in fact. Each of them is mobile friendly and can be adapted to whatever industry, brand, or category your site will belong to.

Customizing a template’s design is also simple. The platform’s dynamic editor gives users the ability to actually change the layout of the page—including headers and footers—by simply dragging these sections into place. Even the size of the content blocks you use can be adjusted.

Users with no background in coding or web development will definitely benefit the most from Wix. From contact forms and social media links to image grids and apps, you’ll feel like a pro designer capable of adding widgets of content to your site. The best part is that Wix offers a feature-packed free plan that’s great for testing out the platform. Paid plans are also available if you’d like to upgrade later on.

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Shopify for E-Commerce

For businesses that need to scale, Shopify offers dedicated tools for online selling.

Shopify comes with dedicated features for online selling.

As an all-in-one solution, Squarespace comes with built-in e-commerce features that make it easy to start an online store. But if you really want to grow your business, you’re better off with Shopify. After all, it’s a platform dedicated and optimized for online selling.

Like Squarespace, Shopify offers customizable templates to adapt to your storefront. You also get inventory management and product marketing tools to help manage your store. However, Shopify offers more features to help your business scale. Fraud prevention, shipping rate calculations, multi-currency support, and report builders are just some of the advanced tools you can enjoy.

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Shopify’s standalone app store also carries a plethora of native and third-party applications. With these extensions, online stores get access to a range of functionalities including dropshipping, AI chatbots, sales forecasting, and store pickup and delivery services. In addition, you can connect your store to high-traffic marketplaces like Amazon, and popular networking sites with online selling features like Instagram.

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Weebly for Beginners

Beginners on a budget will like what Weebly has to offer.

Weebly’s website editor is clean, straightforward, and easy to use.

For beginners, Weebly is a great alternative not only to Squarespace but even other website editors like Wix. Registering on the platform is easy, and users are guided with helpful prompts while building their site. Weebly’s drag and drop editor is also simpler to use, taking little to no time to master.

Compared to Squarespace and Wix, Weebly’s templates aren’t as flashy. However, they are still customizable and come optimized for mobile devices as well. Some of the elements users can modify include logos, page colors, accent colors, and font type. For deeper customizations, a built-in code editor is available, too.

Weebly’s biggest advantage, however, is its dedicated e-commerce solution that features a large catalog of third-party extensions. And because Weebly keeps the beginner in mind, setting up these features isn’t as tedious when compared to the likes of Squarespace, Wix, and even Shopify.

Like Wix, Weebly also offers a free plan. Its online store subscription plans, however, are less expensive across the board compared to Squarespace’s Commerce plans.

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WordPress for Professionals

For websites that look the way you want it to look, WordPress is still the best platform.

BBC America is just one of the many high-profile sites that is powered by WordPress.

While website editors make it easy to build your own website, you can only modify so much without the need for coding or web development experience. If you want to really customize a Squarespace site, for instance, you’ll still have to dive deep into its built-in CSS editor. In that case, you’re going to get more from an advanced content management system like WordPress.

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When it comes to customizations, the possibilities with WordPress are almost endless. The platform’s third-party integrations and plug-ins are extensive and include dedicated programs for e-commerce like WooCommerce. There’s even a drag-and-drop editor feature, along with access to over 3,000 templates.

WordPress, however, isn’t the easiest to use. Plus, you’ll need to take care of hosting, domain, security, and storage on your own. However, if you do have the technical knowledge — or can hire someone who does — you’ll find it the best platform to power your brand. It’s already behind some of the biggest online presence today, including Canada.com, Vogue, Tech Crunch, and BBC America.

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Among Squarespace alternatives, Wix and WordPress are great bookends to choose from. Wix is great if you want to launch a website fast. If you have the technical knowledge, however, WordPress is worth investing in.


Best for easy customizations

wix logo


Best for professionals

wordpress logo

If you don’t have coding and web development knowledge, Squarespace is a trusted and reliable website builder. The platform offers plenty of stunning templates you can customize, along with solid e-commerce, blogging, and SEO tools. However, it’s not the easiest website editor to use. If you’re keen on launching a website fast, Wix is the best alternative. It’s already powering countless websites across the world. Moreover, its free plan is feature-rich enough for simple sites like galleries and portfolios.

For deeper customizations, Squarespace does offer a built-in CSS editor, the way Wix and Weebly does. However, you can do so much more on a content management system like WordPress. You will need technical skills to make the most out of a WordPress-powered website. And while it’s free to use, you’ll also have to spend on your own hosting and domain, together with whatever plugins you use. However, if you have the skills — or the resources to get someone with skills—you’ll find WordPress is a more dynamic platform compared to Squarespace.


📌 Is there a free version of Squarespace?

Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan. However, if you’re a new user, you can try out the platform’s 14-day free trial.

📌 Which platform has better SEO, Squarespace or WordPress?

WordPress has the advantage in SEO thanks to the myriad of SEO plugins available for the platform.

📌 Is Wix better than Weebly?

Wix and Weebly offer a rather similar user experience. However, Wix does offer better-designed templates compared to Weebly’s catalog.

📌 Does Shopify have an integration with Squarespace?

If you’d like to sell products on your Squarespace through Shopify, you can simply add a Shopify Buy button to add e-commerce features. This integration costs $9 a month.

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