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Squarespace G Suite Setup Guide (2021): How to Maximize G Suite Integration in Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most recognizable names in website building and hosting today, thanks in no small part to the name recall provided by various sponsorships. This fame isn’t without reason, since Squarespace helps even newcomers build websites that look truly professional. This is thanks to the wide array of features that it gives to its customers, even if you’re subscribed to their most affordable plan.

One of Squarespace’s most useful features is the integration with G Suite by Google. Using this feature, you can create custom email addresses with your domain, use Google apps like Calendar and Drive, and many more features that you’ll be using a lot. However, it might be a bit confusing trying to figure out how to set it up using your Squarespace plan. Keep reading to find out how to both set your G Suite up and use it with Squarespace afterwards.

What Squarespace Does

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution that helps your website take off.

Squarespace’s wide array of features help you design, maintain, and promote your website.

Squarespace does its best to provide all you need to successfully design and maintain a professional-looking website without making it too hard. It’s a content management system that includes content hosting, around-the-clock support, and a considerable selection of templates to choose from and customize for your website. Aside from that, it also includes search engine optimization or SEO, designs that adapt to PC and mobile viewing, a custom domain, and Squarespace Analytics, which helps you understand how your website is performing.

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One of the best benefits of using Squarespace, though, is the seamless integration with G Suite by Google. There are a few limitations that will be addressed in the next section, but it’s a generally helpful addition that makes use of both platforms’ positives to make sure that your website management experience runs as smoothly as possible.

Basics and Pricing

G Suite integration works only when you create a new G Suite account.

Far from being a small-time operation, Squarespace caters to professionals from different fields.

First thing to take note of is that not all Squarespace account holders are eligible for G Suite integration. Three plans are included here: Website Business, Commerce Basic, and Commerce Advanced. There are also a bunch of other factors for eligibility. For one, you should have a trial or paid site or a parking page running on Squarespace 7.0 or 7.1. It’s also a requirement to have at least one custom domain for your website.

If you fulfill those requirements, you’re entitled to a G Suite Basic account through Squarespace. It includes Google’s essential collaborative office suite, along with admin functions like managing user accounts and security settings, controlling user access to G Suite features, and other details. If ever you need to add more users or email addresses to your G Suite Basic plan, it costs $6/month/address.

Signing Up for G Suite

Signing up for G Suite is easy once you know where to find it.

Using Squarespace grants you access to a platform that can easily connect to a lot of other services.

After you’re sure that you meet all of the eligibility requirements and that your Squarespace account hasn’t been associated to another G Suite account, you can proceed with signing up for G Suite. In Settings under the Home menu, click Email & G Suite. From there, you can select whether you’re going for a monthly or an annual plan. Provide all the required information (like an email address that you already use, for example), then proceed by clicking Save & Continue.

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Afterwards, check your current email address (which you provided earlier) for the email that contains a temporary password for your G Suite account. If you can’t find it in your Inbox, try checking the Spam folder as it’s known to occasionally be filtered as spam. Log in using this password, review and accept the Terms of Service, replace your password, then you’ll be taken to your new G Suite inbox care of Squarespace. If you’re still having a bit of trouble, you can consult Squarespace’s FAQs on the matter.

Using G Suite with Squarespace

Manage a more cohesive online presence with your new integrated G Suite account.

Email campaigns and other activities are possible through your new custom email address.

After you set your G Suite account up, what can you do with it? For one, you can start sending form submissions to your new email address. This means that when visitors fill up Form Blocks or Cover Pages that have forms, all the info you ask from can be consolidated and sorted in your G Suite account for easier access. You can also change the email on your website to ensure that new messages from customers or potential partners are directed to your new business account, making your site and your whole operation look a lot more professional and approachable.

Related to the change in form submissions above, you can also set it up to automatically create a spreadsheet. This would include the answers you’ve collected, the timestamp, and other important data that would help you provide a better experience for everyone using your website and your service.

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Squarespace’s G Suite integration is just one of many features that makes it a good choice for website building.

Squarespace’s G Suite integration is a welcome addition to the wide variety of features that this all-in-one content management service already offers. It makes connecting with your users more intuitive and accessible while also helping you manage your team of admins and moderators for your website. It’s a great tool, and it helps a lot that it’s free for the first year. Sending emails through your newly minted branded email address helps lend more credibility to your company, and may be just the kickstart you need to start a long, successful journey online.


📌 How do I set up G Suite on Squarespace?

Setting up a new Basic G Suite account on Squarespace can be done through the Email & G Suite tab in Settings.

📌 Is G Suite free with Squarespace?

A basic G Suite plan is free with Squarespace, provided that you qualify for it (check out some of the eligibility requirements above). It’s free for a whole year, if you do qualify.

📌 How long does it take to set up G Suite?

Considering the steps laid out above, it will only take you three minutes or so if you’re setting it up through Squarespace.

📌 How much does a G Suite account cost?

For each additional email you add to your Basic plan (which comes free with your eligible Squarespace account), you’ll have to pay $6/month.

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