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Squarespace Website Examples (2021): Stunning Squarespace Business Websites

What makes Squarespace a great option for small businesses is its ease of use and curated template designs. From photography websites to e-commerce stores, Squarespace provides stunning templates that you can customize with your own images and content. We listed some of the best Squarespace website examples that you can use as an inspiration as you start building your own.

Squarespace Plans For Businesses

NameBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
 squarespace yearly cost business plansquarespace yearly cost basic commerce plan (1)squarespace yearly cost advanced commerce plan
Price: Billed Monthly$26/mo$30/mo$46/mo
Price: Billed Annually$18/mo$26/mo$40/mo
Fully Integrated E-CommerceYesYesYes
PayPal & StripeYesYesYes
Transaction Fees3%0%0%
Source: Squarespace

Photography & Events Website Examples

Meghan O’ Sullivan Photography

Meghan O’ Sullivan’s photography website features a light and airy color palette

Meghan is a photographer is California and Reno, Nevada

If you’re a photographer looking for a Squarespace website example, Meghan O’ Sullivan’s is a good one. Designed by Emma Rose Company, this Squarespace website highlights her stunning photography through its sleek and clean design. In addition, the nude and green color palette complement Meghan’s photography well.

Mike Kelley Photography

Minimalist Squarespace portfolio website by architectural photographer Mike Kelley

A look at the different pages on Mike Kelley’s website

Award-winning photographer Mike Kelley is known for his architectural and airspace photography. His Squarespace website is minimalist and really focuses mostly on his work. You can view his portfolio either by thumbnails or full-size images, making it easy to choose which image you want to check.

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Jeremy Blode Photography

Not your typical light and airy wedding photography website

Jeremy’s Squarespace website uses earth colors that match his work

Jeremy Blode‘s Squarespace website and color palette reflect his romantic side and natural, relaxed photography style. His website’s hero section and logo give this website a unique look and feel that is different from the typical airy, Instagram feed-like wedding photography websites. In addition, the dynamic homepage features the weddings he’s covered in a clean design that makes it easy to choose which gallery you want to view.

Kase Styles

This events management Squarespace website clearly lets you know what services Kase offers

Kasey designed her website on her own

What makes Squarespace a favorite among creatives is it makes it easy to build websites even without coding knowledge. This website is designed by event designer Kasey. From the color palette to the photos, her website reflects Kasey’s feminine personality and gives you a glimpse of her style right away.

E-Commerce Website Examples

Cosmik Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Fun and colorful e-commerce website designed on Squarespace

Forget white space, the only white you’ll see on this website is the product itself

In web design, we usually want to have enough white space to allow our eyes to breathe. This particular Squarespace website goes against the grain. On Cosmik’s Squarespace website, the different blocks are pastel-colored, which allowed its white freeze-dried ice cream packages to stand out throughout the website.

Harp and Fin

A great Squarespace website example for florals and gift shops

Harp and Fin’s different products are categorized logically for visitors to choose from

Harp and Fin‘s Squarespace website is not just pretty, it’s functional, too. As soon as you land on the website, you’ll be greeted with the different products they offer so you can choose which category you want to explore. After the products section are their blog and Instagram feed sections that still showcase what the company offers.

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The copy and images of this e-commerce website is on point

Designer shower caps, anyone?

Websites are more than just about good design, and Shhhowercap’s Squarespace e-commerce website is a great example of a perfect combination of stunning design and effective copy that speaks to its target audience.


Clean and sleek Squarespace website with a layout that flows well

AESOP highlights its most recent wines in its website and doesn’t try to show all its products at once

It’s common for e-commerce stores to clutter their websites with the different products they want the customers to buy. What makes AESOP’s Squarespace website an excellent example for e-commerce stores is its clean layout that highlights select wines. When visitors land on its website, they won’t be inundated with wine choices.

Its call to action buttons also stand out in the different sections of the page, drawing the visitors’ eyes to them.


Squarespace makes it easy and quick to build a beautiful website, and if you have coding knowledge, you can further customize the site to suit your preferences

Squarespace Business Plan

Best value for money

squarespace yearly cost business plan

Basic Commerce Plan

Great for stores with higher monthly sales

squarespace yearly cost basic commerce plan (1)

Whether you want a simple website to showcase your work or a full e-commerce store, Squarespace’s interface and collection of templates let you do so easily.

For the best value for money, we recommend Squarespace’s annual Business plan that saves you around 30%. The caveat to this plan is you’ll be charged a 3% transaction fee for every sale you make. If you want more e-commerce tools and don’t want the 3% transaction fee, opt for the Basic Commerce Plan instead.

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📌 Is Squarespace worth the money?

Squarespace may not be the cheapest option, but its monthly fees are only reasonable for the amount of time you’ll save if you build your site on Squarespace.

📌 Can customers leave reviews on Squarespace websites?

Yes, you can integrate third-party review tools with your Squarespace website so customers can leave a review.

📌 Can you create an e-commerce store on Squarespace?

Absolutely. Squarespace’s Business and Commerce Plans offer e-commerce tools that you can use to start selling online quickly.

📌 Do I own my Squarespace website?

Yes. It’s a common misconception that you don’t own your content if you’re on Squarespace, but that is not true. Squarespace can shut down your site if your content violates their rules, but you still own your content and can migrate them if you want.

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