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Bluehost Basic vs Plus (2021): Which Shared Web Hosting Plan Should You Get?

Bluehost is among the most reliable web hosting platforms around, so it isn’t really a surprise that it’s become a go-to for many users. After all, it offers a 99.9 percent uptime rate, stable speed and 24/7 support.

It also caters to all sorts of users with its range of plans. There are four in total, but we’re taking a look at the Bluehost Basic and Plus plans here and what the differences are between them. These two are usually what most users pick because they provide value for money. While the Plus plan obviously has more features, it’s not necessarily the better of the two, especially when you take pricing into account.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus Comparison Chart

NameBluehost BasicBluehost Plus
 Bluehost BasicBluehost Plus
PriceCheck Price at Bluehost.comCheck Price at Bluehost.com
SSD Storage50 GBUnlimited
Free SSLYesYes
Free CDNYesYes
Domains1 free for 1 year1 free for 1 year
Parked Domains5Unlimited
Email Accounts5Unlimited
Email Storage100 MBUnlimited
Marketing Offersn/a$200


As its name suggests, Plus has a lot more to offer than Basic.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus Features
Even though it has lots of restrictions, the Basic subscription has all the essentials covered.

Just to be clear, all of Bluehost’s plans come with SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, Google My Business, CDN or content delivery network, custom themes, a free domain for one year, the works. 

Now the Basic plan is relatively limited compared to the rest. It offers one website, 50 GB of SSD storage, five parked domains, 25 subdomains and five email accounts and 100 MB of email storage. Meanwhile, the Plus subscription gives unlimited SSD storage, websites, parked domains and subdomains and email accounts and storage. It also takes things up a notch with one SpamExperts and $200 worth of marketing offers.

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To get real value from a Bluehost plan, you’ll have to figure out what you really need.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus Value
The Plus plan has the better bang for the buck for advanced bloggers and website owners.

As expected, the Plus plan is more expensive than Basic, but the question here is whether it’s worth forking over more dough for it.

To get the most out of a Bluehost plan, you’ll have to determine what exactly it is you’re looking for. At that, the Basic plan is the better pick if you only need one website and a small amount of website storage. This is typically enough for beginner bloggers or those on a tight budget since it’s more affordable.

On the other hand, the Plus is the obvious choice if you’re going for multiple websites. Its unlimited website storage, parked domains, email accounts and storage can go a long way here. This is perfect for those who know their way around building websites, installing any number of them on one hosting account.


Both of Bluehost’s Basic and Plus plans come with standard performance.

Bluehost Basic vs Plus Performance
You can get the Bluehost experience even with just the Basic plan.

In terms of overall performance, the two are the same. Bluehost says Basic and Plus deliver standard performance, reserving high performance for the Pro subscription, which is the most expensive out of the bunch.

At any rate, the service has a reputation for decent speeds and reliable server uptime, so it’s safe to expect you won’t run into a hiccup for the most part, regardless of which plan you get.

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Both beginners and advanced users can get a lot out of Bluehost’s Plus package.

Bluehost Basic

Best for beginners on a budget

Bluehost Basic vs Plus

Bluehost Plus

Best for advanced users

Bluehost Basic vs Plus

As mentioned earlier, choosing between Bluehost’s Basic and Plus plans boils down to your specific needs. To reiterate, Basic is usually enough for new bloggers who only want to focus on one website, while Plus is better for those who want multiple websites on one hosting account.

In other words, beginner bloggers and the like can probably get by with just the Basic. However, if we had to choose, we’d go with the Plus. For starters, the price gap isn’t that huge, and it gives access to a lot of useful features, such as unlimited websites and SSD storage, $200 in marketing offers and one SpamExperts.


📌 What are the main differences between Bluehost Basic and Plus?

Bluehost Basic provides one website, 50 GB of website storage, 25 subdomains, five parked domains, five email accounts and 100 MB of email storage. Meanwhile, its Plus plan comes with an unlimited number of websites and unlimited website storage, subdomains, parked domains, email accounts and storage.

📌 Which Bluehost plan is the best?

It really depends on what you need, but the Plus and Choice Plus plans are generally considered as the best because of their excellent value and features. However, the Basic subscription is also a decent choice because of its low cost, especially for beginner bloggers.

📌 What is Bluehost’s Plus plan?

Plus is Bluehost’s second-tier plan after Basic. It comes with a few improved features, including unlimited websites, SSD storage, subdomains and parked domains.

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